Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meals on Wheels

Our dear friend Sheri has not had the chance to see my mom for months.  She decided the best way to catch up was to nourish the troops and showed up on our doorstep last night with an amazing dinner!  We joked that Sheri was providing us with 'Meals on Wheels', since none of us have had a decent meal in what seems like weeks.  Sheri came with Italian chicken, angel hair pasta and a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad.  We had wonderful food, great wine and lots of laughs!  Thank you so much Sheri!  

Today the doorbell rang, I ran upstairs and was shocked to find this beautiful arrangement being delivered to us!  The card, which is not signed, reads: 'In case no one told you today, you guys are the best!  Keep up the good work!  Here is to the BOM for 2012!'  To whomever sent these, it truly made our day!  So much so, that we are thinking we may start a sign up list for bribes...

The kindness and generosity that has shown up on our doorstep over the last 24 hours has really touched us all.  Again, I just want to thank Sheri and whomever sent the flowers!  What a great day!



  1. How nice was all of that!You all deserve it for the friendship and creativity with which you showers us everyday!

  2. Wow...what a wonderful day you ladies had. And to top it off, all of you are so deserving of such nice gestures. You work very hard and give up alot of your time to make all your fans, fellow stichers and GROUPIES happy. I am going to sing and dance my Sue Spargo song when I see you the next time.....Love, Lori