Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun With Dusty Plum!

Each month I have tried to do an example of how to utilize the fibers in our new hand dyed fiber packs.  I am running a bit behind due to Cincinnati, but thought I had better get my act together since May is just days away.
April's pack is 'Dusty Plum', and includes:
Hand Dyed 4mm 100% Silk Ribbon
Hand dyed 1/4" Velvet Ribbon
Hand Dyed Skein of Flax (100% linen)
Hand Dyed Skein of Oriental Linen (52% silk 48% linen)
Hand Dyed, Exclusive Color, Skein of Silken Pearl (100% cordonnet twist silk)

Around the outer edge of the main leaf I used a 'Whipped Running Stitch'.  
I utilized the flax for the foundation stitch, and the silk ribbon for weaving.

I stitched the sides of the 1/4" velvet ribbon together, and then stitched it in place down the center of the leaf.

To the right of the velvet ribbon, I stitched 'Bullion's' with the silken pearl.

On the right edge of the half leaf I used the 'Raised Chain Band'.
I used the oriental linen for the parallel stitches and the flax for the braid.

Down the left half of the main leaf I used the 'Pekinese Stitch'.
Oriental linen is used for the backstitch, interlaced with the Silken Pearl.

Having never worked with the Oriental Linen or the Flax, and must say I really love both.  The Oriental Linen is two toned and has a nubby texture, which added interest to the stitches.  The Flax has a very earthy feel, and added great texture to the raised chain stitch.

Here is a link to all the available packs,  A leaf example utilizing that months fibers, only, is pictured on the website beside each pack.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We are slowly recuperating after a whirlwind few days in Cincinnati.  As you know I did not blog as I wanted to while we were there.  Now that I have kinda-sorta caught my breath I thought I would share a few pics of the 'fun'.

On Wednesday, Cathy, Melissa and I hauled all of this 'stuff ' in from the back of the 16 foot truck- we honestly did not know where to begin.  Conveniently, my mom missed this part of the 'adventure', and flew in to meet us that night. 

Thursday, once the boss was there, the booth came to life.

We managed to find the time for a little 'pre-game' before preview night... it's sick, really sick.  
Mom, Cathy and I purchased a few new African baskets.  Usually we are trying to stuff baskets into our suitcases- but this time we had a 16 foot truck to fill!

Cupcakes!  Need I say more?

Melissa is always a star- and each time we travel she is the morning coffee girl.  Thanks Melissa!
 (Sorry I was a little snappy with you that one morning I told you to drop the mirror and make up bag- that you looked fine- and basically to hurry up and get me my coffee) 

A big thank you to Andie for the invite and wonderful evening with the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild.  And Jeannie, yes, we made it to Graeter's for some absolutely to die for ice cream!

With all that said, we have some wonderful new products in line that we are very excited to share with you, coming in May; new kits, hand dyed wools, velvets and new notions. 
And no, you haven't missed anything- I am still working on our really big, wonderful surprise, hopefully coming in May as well.  

As for our BOM participants, as a thank you for your continued excitement and support, we will be offering you via email (in the next few days) first dibs on a few of our new, upcoming products.  

Time for a little rest,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Preview Night

Our booth is up and ready for preview night!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Are Here!

Cathy was in the captains seat of our 16 foot truck- and safely backed us up to the loading dock- twice. We were able to unload most of our stock- but have a long way to go before the booth is set up. Melissa went to pick up my mom from the airport- and Cathy and I have snuck over to the bar for a much needed drink. More fun tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cincinnati Here We Come!

I can't believe it's almost here!
After months of packaging and maneuvering through the obstacle course of boxes, we all breathed a sigh of relief when we closed the back of the loaded- very overloaded truck.

Cathy and I picked the truck up this morning- and with the help of many hands we had it packed to it's almost capacity by 10:40am!

A big thank you to Cathy, Peggy, Karen, Mary, Mycal and Mitch for completing the almost impossible in record time!

We hit the road for the next phase tomorrow at 7:30am.
Be sure to visit us in booth #1129-1131!

I am going to try my best to post as we go- so check back soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is it over yet???

Quite some time ago I had tried my hand at dying cotton fabrics.  I had wonderful intentions of creating bundles of these for purchase on the website.  Somehow, time has just slipped away...
Today, I pulled out several yards and decided to bundle them for Cincinnati. 


We are still frantically working to finish in time for Cincinnati.  Cathy and Peggy finished packaging the last kit today- lucky them- right?  I am still waiting on several deliveries to finish quite a few 'pending' things.  Oh- exhaustion!
I have a feeling that our UPS guy can't wait for this to be over either.  Last week he told us we should move to a warehouse that was not on his route... and that was before he had to haul in five 96 pound boxes of thread... yikes!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cincinnati or Bust!

As most of you know we are attending International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati for the first time, April 13-15.  For the last three months we have been working incredibly hard cutting hundreds of kits, hundreds of yards of wool, and packaging hundreds of things.  We are somewhat panicked that the show is just around the corner and are beginning to question if the 16 foot truck we have rented will be able to hold all of this 'stuff'.  What started as storage in the dining room has slowly leaked into mom's study and our entrance, completely obstructing use of the front door.

My kids are completely out of sorts, pacing and flat out demanding attention.  Somehow Marley convinced Cathy and Peggy the cutting table was where he needed to be...

We will be offering many new items at Cincinnati that are not available on our website, so be sure to visit us in booth #1129-1131. 

Look at these amazing double dyed wool bundles!  We drooled over them as we cut, folded and bundled- each piece is unique and the color range is something we have never offered before.
Thanks Wend!

My aunt Wendy gave me the idea for an embroidery floss winder.  I must thank Carol for coordinating my last minute vague request, and thank Bill for pulling it off!  Bill handmade hundreds of these little guys which are absolutely amazing!

And the countdown continues...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parson Gray

While mom and I were at Market, by day 2 we were on fabric overload.  There was so much fabric, everywhere!  It seemed as though everyone had a fabric line- large prints, bold colors... booth after booth after booth.  We happened to pass a booth that literally made us stop in our tracks.  The fabrics were so soothing- a palette of muted neutral colors, with fabulous architectural prints.  We asked each other- 'Parson Gray?  Who is this 'Parson Gray???'  By now, you probably know the man behind Parson Gray is David Butler, husband of designer, Amy Butler.  He is a graphic artist which explains the balance of his geometrical prints.  We hand-picked our favorites from his debut collection, Curious Nature.   

The fabrics are available as a 1/4 or 1/2 yard packs, or as individual yardage.  Visit the online store,, to purchase yours today. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And the winner is....

... ok- I know that this is going to be posted past 6pm- but I just had to say a few things... I know, I know- you really don't care what I have to say- you just want to know the winner!!  I have spent the entire weekend in the basement cutting wool for our Cincinnati show.  Friday I worked until 10:30pm, was up Saturday at 4:30am and worked until 9pm, and was up today at 6am and am still working.  Needless to say, I have not checked my blog for quite a few days.  I am feeling pretty tired and lonely- it get's pretty darn lonely in the basement by yourself for days on-end- even with my 2 loves, Zoe and Marley, my shadows and loyal company.  I just ran up to check my blog and announce a winner and when I logged on I was quite shocked to see the response- and I must tell you that I am so touched by your kind words and your responses... you have me crying.  This is just what I needed- you have no idea!  I want to thank my sister for playing along too- love you Vee! xxxx
Ok- wish I could make everyone winners- but the boss would kill me!  So the winner of my first blog giveaway is... LISA!!!  Lisa- please email me your address to and I will get Owlivia in the mail tomorrow!  Again- thank you to everyone!!!  

Thursday, March 1, 2012


As promised, it's time for a giveaway for my blog followers!  In all the mayhem, we are trying to create several new kits.  I have a few on my list, but felt quite relieved to cross one off- this cute little scissor fob, 'Owlivia'.  So, how about giving away the new Owlivia kit? 
Leave me a comment- let's make it fun... tell me what your favorite animal is.  I will choose a random winner on Sunday, March 4, 6pm EST.