Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Space Please!

We are busting at the seams, here at Sue Spargo Folk-art Quilts!  As BOM 2011 draws to an end, we are drowning in hundreds of yards of wool and tripping over bolt after bolt of fabric as we slowly make our way through cutting backing, bindings and borders.  On top of that, 2012 BOM wool is starting to come in along with new fabrics we ordered at Market.  I swear it feels like I have unpacked and scanned at least 100 bolts of the new fabrics- but after a quick count it is only just over 30!  I thought it was about time I showed you a few behind the scenes shots- so here goes:

Trash Night!

New African Hand Stamped/Indigo Dyes.  Love, love, love these!  Available on the website in December.

Just a few of the new fabrics coming to the website in December.

The post would be incomplete without a picture of my babies sporting their new haircuts.  Unfortunately, Zoe was having absolutely no part of the camera tonight, but Marley was more than happy to strike a pose!


  1. Spent way too much at your place today. But it was my birthday after all!

  2. Have you ever considered having an annex? I would gladly share some of my space here in Mentor.