Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It is so hard to describe living through an Ohio winter.  To say they are long and drab, doesn't quite capture  the impact that it has on one's psyche.  There is a heaviness, a grey heaviness that seems to hang in the air for months.  There is no break from it, not one ray of sunshine; just grey, heavy skies, for months and months...
As a teen, I remember my mom trying to round us up for 'yard day'.  It was by far the most dreaded chore there was because no matter where we lived (we have moved a lot), our garden was always enormous in comparison to our neighbors, and my mom could spend hours and hours out in the yard.  I will never forget when my mom said to me that, 'one day you will love yard work' and that 'there is no therapy quite like putting your hands in the dirt'.  Well, that day has come, and I cherish the few months I have to be in the garden before winter comes...

Which brings me to my exciting news!  Next month I will have my first mini kit available on the website!  I am so excited but nervous... I keep thinking, what if no one likes it?  What if none of them sell?  Will it be a total failure?  And then last night I thought, is this how my mom feels before a pattern or book is released?  She can't possibly... she is a superstar!  (Aimee and I call her 'superstar', she gets so embarrassed!  My mom is so humble!) 

Wool cuts for my kit!

September is fast approaching!  Don't miss out on all the new and limited items we will be featuring next month!



  1. I am sure your kit will be fantastic!And yes, your Mom is a superstar! and yes, always so amused by how everyone is so taken by her art and those who know her by her wonderful being!
    I can't wait to see what you came up with!
    You are surely a superstar too!It's in the genes!

  2. What no hints!!! I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow!

  3. Lovely shades of purple. Can't wait to see.