Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink Elephants, Oh My!

First, I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and enthusiasm of Sue Spargo, Twee!  All week I have been threatening Peggy and Mary with the camera.  They are thrilled at the thought of me posting pictures of them drowning in yards of wool and embellishments for the BOM, tripping over bags of shipping, running over one of the dogs with the computer chair, searching for 'that piece of paper'... I have decided I will give them some time to digest what fun this really is going to be.  Unfortunately, Cathy is on vacation, and has missed all the excitement buzzing around the office.  She won't know what hit her Monday morning!  

As many of you know, my mom and Aunt have been collaborating for several months on a series of ribbons for Renaissance Ribbons.  With the first collection of ribbons complete, I was surprised to find a new colorway when ripping into a recent Renaissance delivery.  

(Available online in September)

We are incorporating ribbons on all our creations, and eager to receive the fall ribbon collection, which is currently in production.

Lavender Sachets, by Cathy Palmer
Ribbon Bag, by Sue Spargo
Check out the first collection of ribbons!



  1. Hey Kelly, welcome to blog land. We are loving the ribbons here as well.

  2. Love the pink elephants, as well as all the other ribbons.
    Nancy in MT
    Tom Miner Quilts & Folk Art

  3. I love Sue's new ribbons. The bag is so cute. Kelly I love your blog. Great idea for a blog.