Friday, October 7, 2011

Christmas is in the Air!

I honestly can't believe it has been a week since my last post!  We have all been so busy with 2012 BOM sign ups, packaging kits, filling orders, answering emails and unpacking and packing my mom up (due to her ridiculously busy teaching schedule), and have overcome a few recent mishaps along the way. On Saturday, mom and Cathy's return flight from MISA was cancelled, so they drove from Chicago to get mom home in time to fly to Annapolis the next morning.  The airlines would not give mom or Cathy their bags, so I was at home trying to rummage teaching supplies, quilts, clothing, etc., together- and find enough bags/suitcases to pack in.  They made it home around 3am, and I had her at the airport around 9:30am to fly to Annapolis to teach.  Mom returned home late Tuesday night, without her bags, which were lost but expected to be delivered by the following morning.  Morning came and went, and so did the afternoon.  Finally around 6pm her bags came.  We unpacked them, did some laundry, packed them again- and were at the airport by 4:30am, Thursday morning.  I know Cathy, Peggy, Mary and I are exhausted- but I can't imagine how my mom must feel- wherever she may be!  Somehow my mom found time to design these Christmas Ornaments for American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  The pattern is available in December's issue, which is on newsstands now.  The kits are available online at

These sweet ornaments are an absolute must this season!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,


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