Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is it over yet???

Quite some time ago I had tried my hand at dying cotton fabrics.  I had wonderful intentions of creating bundles of these for purchase on the website.  Somehow, time has just slipped away...
Today, I pulled out several yards and decided to bundle them for Cincinnati. 


We are still frantically working to finish in time for Cincinnati.  Cathy and Peggy finished packaging the last kit today- lucky them- right?  I am still waiting on several deliveries to finish quite a few 'pending' things.  Oh- exhaustion!
I have a feeling that our UPS guy can't wait for this to be over either.  Last week he told us we should move to a warehouse that was not on his route... and that was before he had to haul in five 96 pound boxes of thread... yikes!

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