Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun With Dusty Plum!

Each month I have tried to do an example of how to utilize the fibers in our new hand dyed fiber packs.  I am running a bit behind due to Cincinnati, but thought I had better get my act together since May is just days away.
April's pack is 'Dusty Plum', and includes:
Hand Dyed 4mm 100% Silk Ribbon
Hand dyed 1/4" Velvet Ribbon
Hand Dyed Skein of Flax (100% linen)
Hand Dyed Skein of Oriental Linen (52% silk 48% linen)
Hand Dyed, Exclusive Color, Skein of Silken Pearl (100% cordonnet twist silk)

Around the outer edge of the main leaf I used a 'Whipped Running Stitch'.  
I utilized the flax for the foundation stitch, and the silk ribbon for weaving.

I stitched the sides of the 1/4" velvet ribbon together, and then stitched it in place down the center of the leaf.

To the right of the velvet ribbon, I stitched 'Bullion's' with the silken pearl.

On the right edge of the half leaf I used the 'Raised Chain Band'.
I used the oriental linen for the parallel stitches and the flax for the braid.

Down the left half of the main leaf I used the 'Pekinese Stitch'.
Oriental linen is used for the backstitch, interlaced with the Silken Pearl.

Having never worked with the Oriental Linen or the Flax, and must say I really love both.  The Oriental Linen is two toned and has a nubby texture, which added interest to the stitches.  The Flax has a very earthy feel, and added great texture to the raised chain stitch.

Here is a link to all the available packs,  A leaf example utilizing that months fibers, only, is pictured on the website beside each pack.

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  1. These are great. I love this idea. Keep'em coming. I have so many of those threads but didn't know how to use them.