Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

We are slowly recuperating after a whirlwind few days in Cincinnati.  As you know I did not blog as I wanted to while we were there.  Now that I have kinda-sorta caught my breath I thought I would share a few pics of the 'fun'.

On Wednesday, Cathy, Melissa and I hauled all of this 'stuff ' in from the back of the 16 foot truck- we honestly did not know where to begin.  Conveniently, my mom missed this part of the 'adventure', and flew in to meet us that night. 

Thursday, once the boss was there, the booth came to life.

We managed to find the time for a little 'pre-game' before preview night... it's sick, really sick.  
Mom, Cathy and I purchased a few new African baskets.  Usually we are trying to stuff baskets into our suitcases- but this time we had a 16 foot truck to fill!

Cupcakes!  Need I say more?

Melissa is always a star- and each time we travel she is the morning coffee girl.  Thanks Melissa!
 (Sorry I was a little snappy with you that one morning I told you to drop the mirror and make up bag- that you looked fine- and basically to hurry up and get me my coffee) 

A big thank you to Andie for the invite and wonderful evening with the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild.  And Jeannie, yes, we made it to Graeter's for some absolutely to die for ice cream!

With all that said, we have some wonderful new products in line that we are very excited to share with you, coming in May; new kits, hand dyed wools, velvets and new notions. 
And no, you haven't missed anything- I am still working on our really big, wonderful surprise, hopefully coming in May as well.  

As for our BOM participants, as a thank you for your continued excitement and support, we will be offering you via email (in the next few days) first dibs on a few of our new, upcoming products.  

Time for a little rest,


  1. Oh boy, I'll be checking my email anxiously!!! :)

  2. I am excited for the email. Your booth was gorgeous, wish I could have been there.

  3. That so great place to unleash your imagination and create wonders.
    A hug.